About MarcusCode

MarcusCode provides you to learn about computer programming languages. We will teach you to know about the basic fundamental of the language and language structure and guide to programming with the best practice example. The tutorials are basic, simple and suitable for beginners and intermediate. If you're a professional programmer you can use the website as a quick reference . You can choose to learn in many languages in our website, such as, C, C++, C#, Java,Visual Basic PHP Python and more.

The content on the website are categorized in the following:

  • Language: This type of tutorial will teach you to know about the programming language from scratch to advanced. To help you understand the core of the language, all the program and example in the tutorial will be in Console.
  • GUI: This category is prepared for higher level programming, the tutorial will teach you about 2D and 3D graphic programming, and windows application form in popular languages, such as Java and C#. Before learning in this category, you must finish and have a good understanding basic principle of programming in Language category.
  • Game: The author of this website loves to create and play game. So, the website also has game programming tutorial. We will teach you to know the principle of game and how to create a simple 2D and 3D game, we also use Unity3D.
  • Database: In this category, we provide tutorials about database programming, you can choose to learn about database software, such as MySQL, Oracle etc. with many popular programming languages.
  • Web development: In this category, we prepared tutorials about web development, you will learn how website work and how to create a website in basic using PHP, ASP.NET. We provide some workshop and web services development.

The tutorials on the website using the latest version of technologies. For example, we use Visual Studio 2015 in the tutorials. We use the latest version of Python for Python tutorial. So, the content on the website is new and up-to-date for modern day.

In many chapters of the tutorials, we have an example that easy to understand to the core of the chapter and we have clear explanations about the code. The source code in the website are written in the best practice principle, following our format will help you understand how to create good source code structure.

About the author

Watsan Homsin created MarcusCode in 2015, he graduated bachelor's degree of Computer Engineering at Khon Kaen University. He has experienced in game programming, developing website (front-end and back-end), database and Android application development.

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